Air League History In 1933 Mr G. Robey and Captain W. Beale were concerned about the lack of worthwhile activities for youth to take part in. At this stage in time aviation was a subject that captured the imagination of the world, particularly with the historical flights of pilots such as Charles Kingsford Smith and Amelia Earhart.

With this in mind, on 17th September 1933, the Air Minded Development League was formed. This was considered quite a mouthful so in March 1934 the league was renamed to its current moniker - The Australian Air League.

The first Squadron was opened in Manly, NSW on 3rd November 1934. Following the opening of the squadron, the general public soon realised that the AAL had much to offer the youth of Australia and this led to many Squadrons being opened both in NSW and around the country.

Along with the high interest from the boys came a keen interest from the girls so in 1944 a girls section was introduced to cater for those girls who are interested in aviation.

Over the years, the Australian Air League has become known as the "primary school of aviation". Our activities are looked upon with great respect by the leaders of the Nation to such an extent that from the very early stages of our history, Governors General have been patrons of the Australian Air League!