Australian Air League - South Australia Wing

Welcome to the South Australia Wing of the Australian Air League.

The Australian Air League is a uniformed youth organisation which promotes and encourages the interest of aviation.
If you are aged between 8 and 18, here is an exciting and rewarding opportunity to learn about flying and aviation.

The experience and knowledge you gain from being a Cadet in the Australian Air League will provide a stepping stone to getting a career in the aviation industry.

You will also develop important life skills such as leadership, confidence, initiative and the ability to organise which will be invaluable in helping with your schooling and whatever you decide to do with your life. Many Cadets go on to join the Air Force or a career in the aviation industry.

As a Cadet you will take part in a wide range of interesting activities including drill, camps, model aircraft building, physical activities, specialised courses, social functions, community service and much more.

Squadrons usually meets once a week during school terms for a few hours. A normal Squadron parade night may include a parade, drill, sports, lessons, flight sim training and modelling.

The Squadron may also have a visit to places of interest such as an airport, control tower, radar facility, hangar or aviation museum. In addition Squadrons will hold weekend camps, training days and flying and gliding days.

On this website you will find recruiting and general information of the Australian Air League, Squadron locations in SA and contact information.